Will Traditional Retail Becoming Obsolete??

Hi! its been quite some time since i wrote in this blog. I have been really focusing on my work in Property Consultant business and hence the title of the article.

To start of the topic, this is the example of what i called traditional retail:mall3

The above picture shows us the current concept of traditional retail center/shopping center. Consist of specialties shops followed by anchor and mini anchor shops and then some FnB. Back in the days, it used to be the “model” of a retail center, but it changes with the technology keep advancing and trying to replace it. I used to shop everything at mall or retail center that have department store because I’m the type of guy that have to look and hold the goods before buying it. But currently, online shop such as Amazon, Ebay and others (even specifically for clothes such as Lazada), they provide cheap and even sometimes free delivery services. I would choose them over going to retail center that potentially waste my time (not counting the traffic..urgh). This is one of the factor why the online store is much more successful compare to traditional retail center.

All of these are backed up by news such as CNBC, even Warren Buffet start to pulling  out his money from those traditional retailer.

The big question is… will they be truly replace?


My personal opinion is NO. It’s true that it will change, the model and concept of traditional retail will definitely change. It will become only a hangout place and entertainment. Because honestly, you can’t really hangout online (unless the VR technology can do that but sadly no..) while eating food and maybe drink coffee/tea. Also the store with luxury items will most likely to survive because everyone wants to see the things they bought for thousand or million of dollar right??  This article from Forbes will be interesting to read.

So, how about it?? What do you think??

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Will 6S triumph??

Hey Everyone, been a while since i post something…

IPhone 6s Rosegold

Anyway, i want to discuss about one of the most anticipated Apple product this year, which is IPhone 6s! as we all know that Apple love to introduce their so called “improved” and new IPhone series with an S in the back of it and claimed its a totally new phone compare to the previous with the same number (4,4S,5,5S even 5C!)

To be honest though, i dont think they have improved a lot at least for the last 3 S’s..but about this one?

These are all the new features from IPhone 6S and 6S+

  • A9 processor
  • 3D touch
  • 12 MGP rear camera
  • improved touch ID
  • new material (probably stronger than the “bending” IPhone 6)
  • new colors

Although they didn’t increase the price but USD have become so dominant in the last few months..so i think that’s the whole reason why they didn’t increase it…

But a lot of my friend and some interviewer samples said that they like this new IPhone and its different from their S’ancestors and they will change their old IPhone 6 for this…

What do you think guys?? is it worth the price? or we can just wait for IPhone 7 which if we see the pattern, will be different than the previous number..and will it be successful??? (personally i think it would be so-so since there are no major upgrades)

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1 second everyday..

Hi Folks!

Its been a while since i last post a blog because of the hectic week but here i’m! hope you guys enjoy it!

This week topic is about and app thats called 1 second everyday..its a very interesting title/name isnt it? 

Its an app that record a video for 1 second everyday..huh??? 1 second?? Yes, only a second..but then you compiled the whole video for a week or a month.. it would be a movie for your activities of the whole month!

“Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life” Thats their slogan. It means, this app can record a video for only a second, every day and then you can compiled it in a year or even your whole life!

here’s the video:

Its very interesting and creative app, although its not that popular. It doesnt take much time for people to take a look at it since a whole month of events will be compiled in 30 seconds! and since our generation have lower attention span, means they dont want to watch a long video..this app is perfect!

i think this app can be used to market a whole bunch of product in a video and it will only take a minute or so and again people will not complaining about the time they took to watch it..since its only for a second

how about it guys? do you think it can be used for marketing a product/services??

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1 second every day

attention span article for student

Train your brain – Lumosity

Hi Folks!!

Like to play games?? how about games that can train your brain?? there is a website that provides you with game for your brain..its called Lumosity

here’s the video of an interview why the person want to play

its an interesting way of marketing i think if you include some interactive games inside the website

it can be one of the option for the improving digital marketing. By creating games on the website, customer can have some fun before surfing the websites…and if they feel that the games are pretty good, they might want to comeback to try different games and thus increase the view of your websites

For this game, customer can choose and pick what kind of games they want to play and it will have different functions such as remembering patterns, associated name with faces, keeping track of multiple information in your head, etc.


Companies can create such game (doesnt have to be brain training) to engage customer to visit their websites often and therefore getting more chance to marketing the product

What do you think?? can this type of digital marketing works??

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Crowdfunding – From you to you

Hi Folks!!

Have you heard the term of crowdfunding??


Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the internet.(via Wikipedia)

So basically if you want to start some projects, you asked the viewer of your project to fund it and they can get special treatment or even prizes. easy examples is when a youtuber wants to create a video but require money on casting, rent a building…they can ask their followers to give money and then the followers might get included in casting or meet with the artist or can suggest the idea of the video..

this youtube link help you to understand more about crowdfunding

i think this is a great way to fund and also advertise your product with the extra help from your customer..  and also help the customer relationship with the seller as they can know the ideas and customer feel like the product is what they need since they are the one who suggest it. In this way, both seller and customer can be profitable from the product.

extra Link:

Big crowdfunding sites

How to market your crowdfunding campaign

Any thoughts??? just leave on the comment section below ^^



Help Yourself campaign

Hi Folks!!

Recently while i was browsing in youtube, i found this interesting ad from the victorian government

here’s the video

In that video, the man is opening his house, unlock his car and intentionally invites thieves to steal his goods..it was an interesting video saying that if you do those things, its like saying “hey please take my stuff and help yourself”

The video was develop by the Victorian Police

In the website that they give from the ad, they have other several videos for protecting your car, house and stuff from being stolen by other people..

here’s the video for each of them:

Protect your house

Protect your car

Protect your stuff

Personally i think this video is interesting and quite reliable since it came from the police..and it shows that so many people keep forgetting to lock their car, houses or just leave stuff in random places…and this thing can happen in Uni too! I know someone that leave her macbook and IPhone in Monash Library (for quite some time so its her fault lol) and lose it..

So be careful guys! and Help yourself! Dont invite crime!

What do you think of this campaign guys?? Just leave any comment below



Lockheed Martin – Future tech Advert

Hi Readers!!

About 2 months ago, Lockheed Martin upload a video that seems like promoting a product but it wasnt…

here’s the video: 

a bit of background, Lockheed Martin is an American global aerospace, defense, security and advanced technology company with worldwide interests. It was formed by the merger of Lockheed Corporation with Martin Marietta in March 1995. by Wikipedia

so basically they are company that produce technology and not just for everyday used but also a military grade. The interesting part from the video is that they said they have achieved some of the technology that would only appear in the sci-fi movies like the touch-screen computer, the auto-drive car ( which google has done it with google car).

Google Car

Besides the technology that Lockheed Martin achieved, they also said that in the future we would be able to do a trip to mars like we are going to a mall..its totally sci-fi right??? i mean thats like star-trek opening scene…

Pictures of Mars from google

So, the advert is not advertising the current product that they have but also future product that they are trying to create..this ad seems to work on some engineer students to work for the company. one of my friend which is studying engineering post this ad saying that this is interesting job…

So what do you think guys?? what is the purpose of this ad??

Feel free to leave a comment below! 


HeForShe – campaign from emma watson

Hi Folks!! today’s post is all about awareness and campaign againts inequality. If you followed the news, recently Emma Watson has stunned the world through her emotional yet fantastic speech in UN gathering earlier this summer


From celebrity to a famous ambassador for UN Women, Emma Watson has successfully stunned the UN conference and also the world. This is the video of her speech

Although the video havent went viral, Emma Watson use his social media account to tweet about this

Even ask her followers to capture the sign up for the campaign

First time her asking her followers

as shown above, it has been retweeted for over than 3k of her followers/non-followers…so i think this is a good marketing campaign to increase the awareness of the gender inequality..so celebrity can be used to do something like this not just promoting product on TV or other advertising media..

So..HeForShe! hahaha sign up for the campaign!!


Promotion through # (hastags)

As the title said, im gonna posted something about hastag. One of the example is foodporn (#foodporn). First of all is not a porn involving some food in it so there will be no links available to that kind of websites… Just to make sure nobody’s getting the wrong thought.

im hungry now..as the definition of foodporn itself “is a glamourized spectacular visual presentation of cooking or eating in advertisements, infomercials, cooking shows or other visual media, foods boasting a high fat and calorie content, exotic dishes that arouse a desire to eat or the glorification of food as a substitute for sex.” from Wikipedia

i started to notice #foodporn when i looked at my friends typing on the description about the food that she just take on instagram. When i search it, it was all bunch of this beautifully arrange delicious food..that makes me want to eat and become fat..

When you search for the hastags it would show you some pictures and probably the restaurant where the person eating it (if they put it the location or even the name of the food).. so in a way, it kinda promotes the food for the restaurant

anyway, quite different from foodporn, i found an interesting advert in melbourne run by a restaurant promoting their food by instagram hastags..

basically you take a selfie with the food that you order, then post it in instagram with hastags #howdoyoufukuryu and #fukuryuramen and then you will get a free ice cream green tea which taste okay for a free stuff!!

i havent found exactly where they put the information about this but ive only heard this from my friends..so its a word of mouth advert..

what do you think?? does this kind of advert works?? feel free to comment or try the restaurant ( i should get free ice cream for this LOL)


20 facts bout yourself – new viral thing?

Welcome back readers!! i’m here to present you probably the next viral things that will hit the internet (according to my account on instagram and facebook) after the ALS ice bucket challenge. It’s kinda a self-judgment, means you talk about yourself based on your opinion..more of like attributes, personal characteristic, habit, dreams even or anything random! can be a bad habit or future expectation.. there are 20 of them and its call 20 facts about yourself.. #20factsaboutme or #20facts…

As you can see from the pictures, its basically people saying 20 random facts about themselves and then tags another people as another “victim” to say 20 random things about them….

it catch quiet some attention because when you type 20 facts on google, the second most popular keyword is 20 facts about me 


Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 11.40.01 PM
Second most search in google!

here’s the link on Tumblr 

could it be the next viral thing after the ALS ice bucket challenge??? 

Whats your opinion folks???